A date to remember

By Roman Gerus

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and whether that time was spent with a significant other or a significant bottle of liquor is in the past now. The race for the sappiest displays of affection is over, but there is still time for love.

For the first time, Kean University is hosting a speed-date in the University Center in room 226. The event is sponsored by the Alpha and Omega International Student Association (AOISA).

Since its creation in 1999, AOISA has been supporting and sponsoring student communities across the United States. Their mission is to “raise the quality of life of people who use our services.”

They have worked with numerous universities including ones in our area such as: Montclair State University where their New Jersey branch is located. Now, Kean University has become part of their mission.

Michael Mayoral is a receptionist with AOISA and he is pleased to announce Kean’s introduction to the AOISA mission.

“We have been around the world and done a lot with colleges and we wanted to integrate Kean into our program,” said Mayoral.

However, there is more to this speed-date than just timed intimacy. Before the flirting begins, there will be a brief seminar in dealing with healthy relationships.

After that, each star-crossed lover will get five minutes to woo their potential partner. And after that it’s either love, or another bottle of Jack.

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