Haim release 80’s inspired video for “If I Could Change Your Mind”

By: Adilene Rodriguez

In the video for their fifth single off their debut album, “Days Are Gone,” Haim take us back in time and transcend that 80’s pop-rock girl band influence that is so obvious on the record, onto the screen in a video directed by Warren Fu, a frequent collaborator of Daft Punk.

In the video for “If I Could Change Your Mind,” released on Feb. 24, the long-haired sisters are perfectly in synch as they sway their hair and perform a dance routine choreographed by Fatima Robinson, who was a long time collaborator of the deceased R&B singer Aaliyah and Michael Jackson.

Dancing in one scene, leather clad in another with instruments on hand, Haim make being in a family band look cool again.

Danielle, Este and Alana Haim have crept their way out of the alternative music scene and made it all the way to sixth-place on Billboard’s 200-album chart when the album was released in October 2013.

Haim are one of the most promising artists in music today. They write their own songs, they play their own instruments, and most significantly have recently been signed to a contract with Jay-z’s Roc Nation management company.

As Haim slowly makes their rise to the top they are catching the attention of music fans around the country. Some of the fans include Kean students.

Kean student Steffi Villagomez says having two sisters of her own, she feels she can relate to the Haim sisters.

“I think it’s cool they can get along so well professionally as a family. Not a lot of people can do that,” Villagomez says.

Another Kean student who is a fan is Jomari Andeliz who agrees the bond Haim has is something that appeals to her.

“I like how no matter what they’re doing they look like they’re just sisters having fun. Like in the video nothing looks forced,” says Andeliz. “It looks like they are just having a good time.”

Haim are currently finishing up a tour in Europe and will come back to the States to begin their U.S. tour in April where they will make a stop at New York’s Terminal 5 venue to play two sold out shows in May.


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