Kean University holds its first Disability Awareness Week

By Jasmine Leach

Kean University holds its first Disability Awareness Week in order to help inspire and educate students throughout the community.

For the Spring 2014 semester Kean University is having a Disability Awareness Week, which will first take place on Thurs. April 7 and will continue through Fri. April 11. The Disability Awareness Week will involve a lot of events in which students can learn about the numerous disabilities out there and show their support to organizations that support people with special needs.

Donna Dingle the Managing Assistant Director of the office of Disability Services, provided some information about the Disability Awareness Week and some of the events that are in store for Kean students. “This is the first year Kean University is holding a Disability Awareness Week. The week is designed to celebrate the diversity among the disabled community and to spotlight some very successful and talented people who happen to have a disability,” said Dingle.

“Our event begins with a performance by Le Derick Horne, a spoken word artist and successful businessman. This event takes place in the UC Little Theater,” said Dingle.

As for the other events throughout the week, there will be a few organizations that focus on mental and physical disabilities, as well as representatives from different organizations on campus that will have an expo of sorts in the University Center. Dingle provided further information on the organizations that will be present for this particular event.

“Many outside organizations will be tabling in the UC Monday through Thursday. We also have many departments on campus who have agreed to host tables and/or events. Some of these groups include: Brain Injury Alliance, Cerebral Palsy Association, Advancing Opportunities, Disabled American Veterans, ARC of New Jersey, Student Occupational Therapy Assocication, Recreational Therapy Student Group, Department of Communication Disorders and Deafness, Health Services, Residence Life, Counseling Center, UC, and Student Organizations,” said Dingle

In addition to these events, Dingle explained that Kean is also having a fundraiser to help children. “Dance Marathon to rasie funds for the Children’s Specialized Hospital (hosted by CLS),” said Dingle.

Kean University student Desiree Kearney provided her perspective on this event and some of the benefits about it. “Yes I think it’s a good idea and the benefits would be not only people being informed but people being submerged around other people with disability that they normally wouldn’t be introduced too [to],” said Kearney.

Kean University’s Disability Awareness Week is filled with a lot of activities for its students ranging from speakers, to expos, to dance shows. If you would like to participate in them then feel free to make appearances in the University Center lobby, Little Theater, and Downs Hall for the Disability Awareness Week events from April 7- April 11. For more information about the events email Donna Dingle through Kean mail and you can also check out the posters spread out through campus.

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