Graduation creeping on seniors

By Shelsie Ducheine

Graduation is shortly approaching and while the sound of finally finishing up four or more years of hardcore studying sounds exciting , many students are nervous. Many who are not in the shoes of the soon to be alumni may question the apprehension but going out into the real world can be a scary though for most. Dahlia Wesley, a soon to be graduate of Kean admits to feeling the pressure of a soon to be college graduate.

I’ve been in school all my life and of course I’ve always mentioned how excited I am to finally be done , but now that it’s here it’s kind of scary to think of,” Wesley said “Its like , What happens now.”

Many students are left questioning just what they are going to do once May 22nd comes and goes. Some are headed off to find the perfect job, some are headed straight to graduate school , and others haven’t quite figured it out yet.

“I’m not sure what I want to do after school. My parents want me to go to graduate school but I don’t know about all that,” Shayla Rowe, a senior , said. ” I mean I know I should go, but I’m just so tired of school. I need a break.

No matter what one decided to do after graduation, graduating in itself is a accomplishment that many people don’t ever get to achieve. So whether it’s grad school , working a eight hour shift , five days a week, or lounging around at home until you figure it out , the diploma graduated earned will still be sitting on the mantle with their name imprinted within.

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