Fall TV Preview

Viola Davis stars in “How To Get Away With Murder”

By Kristen DeMatos

Fall is a time where school starts again, leaves change, and football season begins. Fall is also the time when people’s TV favorites return to the big screen, right alongside a few new shows.

Shows like NBC’s “The Blacklist” and CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” will be returning for some fans, while shows from last fall fell flat, like NBC’s “Welcome to the Family” or the CW’s “The Tomorrow People” are being replaced this season with new shows. Five shows to watch out for in the coming weeks include:

1. Black-ish (ABC)

This show stars and was created by comedian Anthony Anderson and is about a man who is trying to create a cultural identity for his family, when he realizes his children don’t identify with their African American background. His younger son, Andre, prefers to be called Andy and, although the family isn’t Jewish, Andy insists on having a bar mitzvah.  Premieres Wed, Sept. 24 at 9p.m./8p.m. CDT

2. A to Z (NBC)

A to Z is a new romantic comedy that has been compared by critics to “How I Met Your Mother” and the movie “500 Days of Summer.” After countless near misses, protagonists Zoe and Andrew finally meet and begin dating. The show follows their love story right from the beginning. Premieres Thu, Oct. 2 at 9p.m./8p.m. CDT

3. Red Band Society (Fox)

This show follows the ups and downs of adolescents in the children’s ward of a Los Angeles hospital. They are all suffering from different illnesses ranging from heart defects to cancer. One young patient in a coma narrates “Red Band Society.” Although most patients keep a positive attitude, and the show has elements of comedy, it is sure to pull on some heartstrings once audiences see all that these patients are going through and the bonds they create. Premieres Wed, Sep. 17 at 9p.m./8p.m. CDT

4. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

ABC’s newest drama centers around lawyer/professor Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, as she teaches her Criminal Law 100 class , or as she prefers to call it, “how to get away with murder.” She takes her students into real courtroom cases and shows them how law works. She also has some unconventional methods, which may or may not involve her students covering up a murder. Premieres  Thur, Sep. 25 at 10 p.m./9 p.m.CDT

5. Jane the Virgin (CW)

Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, “Jane the Virgin” centers around Jane , a virgin, who gets accidentally artificially inseminated when she goes to her gynecologist for a routine pap smear and the doctor confuses her with another patient. Although the premise seems a little far-fetched, the characters are charming and other factors of the show, like the fact that the “specimen” she was artificially inseminated with was that of an old flame  and her current boyfriend proposes just as Jane finds out she’s pregnant, are sure to draw in an audience. Premieres Mon, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m./8 p.m. CDT

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