Random act of kindness as received by a student at Kean

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By Bryan C. Kuriawa

In the everyday life of college students, it is often commonplace for people to go through motions, on their routine. Sometimes I find myself trying to make sense of it all. Between class and work, often times students don’t see time for the extraordinary.

Earlier this week, I was returning from my art class before realizing my car window was open in the rain. Walking back to my car, I found two Barnes and Nobles bags on the inside of my window. Believing it was someone’s idea of a prank, I threw the bags out. Looking on my front seat, I found the note printed above this article. This unknown writer mentioned how they saw my window and covered it, so that no more rain would come. Within a moment, what had been frustration, gave way to a sense of relief.

In my personal life, I often find my views in the ideals of Humanism, the belief of individuals doing good for any reason. For Humanists, the view is to see the good in others and stress their value in the world. In a sense, it was of the most unusual, yet simply most direct gestures any person could have done. Within our lives, we are often bombarded by tales of a cruel world, where humanity is evil and kindness is dead. Yet for the most universal of reasons, one person conducted themselves without the negative perception of the world, beyond simplicity.

Many of you dear readers may be wondering why I write about this act at such length. Well, to put it as bluntly as possible, it was sweet and thoughtful. To the unknown individual, thanks for keeping the rain out of my car. Continue doing kind things in the world around you, for the rest of your life.

In a world, where people take more selfies than are countable, and people won’t stop talking about celebrity photo leaks, it shows that kindness can exist in the most unusual places.

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