CLS Promotes Involvement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


By: Daris Mendez

It is the month of October, and besides fall season’s evidence of colorful leaves and midterms rapidly approaching on campus, “Kean Blue Thinks Pink” has also become a prominent feature of October at Kean.

The CLS (The Center for Service and Leadership) here at Kean have been the main promoters for Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the month.

“Our goal is to get people involved on campus while raising awareness for this disease and raise funds that go towards research and a cure,” said Kiersten Robson, a student worker for the involvement center.

On Tuesday afternoon, the array of activities to get students involved in the cause was very present in the University Center atrium.

In the center of the atrium, students were greeted with a table set up with pink baked goods, a cardboard frame used to take pictures for the CLS’s instagram and a poster to sign their names in awareness for breast cancer.

To the far left of the atrium, the LTA sorority also had an awareness display filled with pink balloons in hopes to raise more funds.

The displays and activities have not been the only ones held in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. CLS has been promoting other clubs such as the Italian Culture Club and their awareness activities, as well as hosting bigger events such as the Breast Cancer walk that will happen early Saturday.

“We try to get people passionate on campus and just get them involved by not only donating their money, but donating their time as well,” said Robson on the CLS’s goal. “We are trying to fulfill the purpose of our office, which is to get people involved through leadership and service while promoting a cure for this.”

With Breast Cancer Awareness month in full swing, make sure to check out all the activities in honor of the cause.

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