Open Mic Night Fights Domestic Violence

By Jaime Alicea III

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a time where Kean students choose to acknowledge the impact of abuse on their lives.

On Oct. 22 at 8 p.m., Kean’s Cougar’s Den hosted an Open Mic Night where students shared their own personal experiences, along with the experiences of their families and communities, in the hopes that they would all stand together in support of victims of abuse.

The event gave those in support of ending domestic violence and sexual assault a chance to express their bodies, minds, and souls to the packed audience.

Isaiah Rivera, a poet, recited a piece he wrote called “Rebirth,” hoping that students or those who have experienced domestic violence would understand the importance of starting a new beginning, letting go of the past and moving on with the future.

Whether it was dancing, singing, playing the guitar, or reciting a poem, all performers had one goal in common: they all wanted to show their peers who they were by expressing themselves and inviting them into their artistic souls.

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