Kean Students Salute Back on Veteran’s Day

By: Jonathan Bonilla

There are only a few days marked on our calendar every year that commemorates the men and women who fight to ensure our safety every day. We can never show enough gratitude for their sacrifice but every now and then, the people of America do remarkable things to show their respect to past and present veterans.

Kyanna Sampson is a senior English major at Kean and works at a disability home where she and others volunteer to put on a talent show for veterans. The talent show lasts about three hours and the performers sing and perform different Shakespeare plays, as well as comedy skits.

“They’re great,” said Sampson. “They risk their lives just so we can live in peace. They’re super heroes.”

Other students pay their respects as well to soldiers who are serving in the military.

Christine Christian, a senior biology major, has two good friends who that are in the Army. Christian participates in food drives for retired veterans and donates money. She also sends her friends goodie bags when they write.

“I think they deserve more recognition than they get,” said Christian. “They fight for our safety day and night. Half the time when they retire they’re forgotten. I respect them and appreciate them a lot.”


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