The Custom of Costumes: Aren’t we too old for this?

By Clifton Andrews
As October descends upon Kean University, the days grow shorter, the air grows colder, and the night of fright known as Halloween inches closer and closer with the passing days. As does the inevitable question that all adults must face, “are we getting too old for this?”
As college students, it’s only natural that we are constantly growing into new customs and leaving behind old ones. So as adults, is it time we leave behind the old custom of costumes? Some say yes and that dressing up for Halloween is an activity for the younger generations. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with Halloween or that the night of fright won’t be acknowledged. It just means that as college students with jobs, clubs, internships, classes and various other
responsibilities, we aren’t the free kids we once were. Therefore, as responsible and mature college students chasing their dreams, we must let go of some old activities before we can discover some new ones. Just as of Saturday morning cartoons are left for “Scandal”, dressing up must be let go for a more mature Halloween tradition.
For others, Halloween is an age old tradition that is not so much a custom as it is a day of freedom. It’s an exciting time of the year when anyone can literally be anything they want to be. It’s the one day of the year when people of all ages are not just allowed to, but encouraged to dress up as anyone or anything that means something to them. This means that everyone and anyone can freely express themselves through clothing. Whatsmore, some people love creating their own costumes as a way to show off their creativity. So whether you buy a costume or make your own, Halloween is your day to wear freely.
However, this freedom of expression may require some limitations. Though freedom of expression through clothing is encouraged, is it appropriate? Is it appropriate for a college student to express themselves by wearing a “revealing” costume? Is it appropriate to wear this costume in fall weather? Is it appropriate to wear this costume in the presence of children? Is it appropriate for a child to wear this costume? The issue with this freedom is that it has blurred the lines separating what’s appropriate from what’s allowed.
I personally believe that Halloween is a day of expression on which there should be no age limit. I encourage everyone to take this annual opportunity to be creative and different in their attire on the one day it’s encouraged. However, I believe this day should not be taken as an excuse to dress inappropriately or offensively. If you have outgrown the custom, then enjoy the 24-hour fashion show. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween without dressing up but still getting in the Halloween spirit. So regardless of age, I think everyone should find some way to express themselves and get in the Kean University Halloween spirit.

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