The new four-letter word: SNOW

By Alyssa Davis

Poor driving conditions, potholes and flooding are common things to be concerned about when it comes to snow and cold weather, but Kean University’s spring sports teams have other reasons to be worried.

The baseball, softball and men’s and women’s lacrosse coaches and players are finding it hard to kick-off their seasons with so much snow both on the ground and in predicted forecasts.

Typically spring sports are played outdoors, but in order to prepare and practice for games effectively, the teams have had to get creative due the snow and freezing temperatures.

“We have been utilizing all available gym space at Kean and have been putting in extra time in the weight room and on the indoor track,” said Shelly Sheiner, Head Coach of men’s lacrosse. “We have been fortunate enough to get outside about a dozen times since the start of the season, but have had weather hurdles every day.”

Although all of the teams have been utilizing the indoor space that is available to them in Harwood arena, the D’Angola gym and on East Campus, playing inside is not the same as playing on the field.

“If you’re inside you don’t have the same [field] proportions and the ball doesn’t come off a wood floor the same as it does on the grass or the turf,” said Neil Ioviero, Head Coach of the baseball team. “We’re plowing the field, but there’s only so much space we can put this snow.”

Jordan Trautman, Head Coach of women’s lacrosse, feels lucky that Kean has so much indoor space available for her team to practice on and thinks that, although practicing indoors isn’t ideal, the team is doing their best to prepare themselves for the weeks ahead.

“Overall I don’t think it has negatively affected our progress,” said Trautman.

Games have also been affected due to the weather conditions. Women’s lacrosse has had one postponed game, while  baseball has had two games rescheduled for later dates, and the softball team’s Beach Blast tournament has been cancelled.

“[The Beach Blast Tournament] is cancelled for good…there’s just no time to fit it in anywhere else,” said Margie Acker, Head Coach of the softball team.

All four coaches hope that the March 5 storm was the last one this winter, so that they can proceed with their seasons as scheduled.

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