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By Anthony N. Muccigrossi

“Fifty Shades of Grey” played on the big screen the week of Valentine’s Day, and probably led to many interesting (and in some cases, likely awkward) dinner conversations.

The novel, which was composed of adult-related content, adapted to the screen as a more visual method to experience the true essence of the story.

In the book and film you are introduced to Christian Grey, a rich executive with the looks of prince charming. The young Anastasia Steele, Playing the sweet, innocent college student, is bound to become Mr. Grey’s next subject of Bondage.

Mr. Grey has the entire world in his hands, including his own private helicopter, which he pilots himself. The plot begins when Ms. Steele is asked by her ill friend to interview Christian gray, the CEO of Grey Enterprises. From the very first moment the two meet, it is clear there was a sense of physical attraction.

As the film progresses, Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele find themselves crossing paths. Mr. Grey is convinced Ms. Steele is the one for him. However, Ms. Steele doesn’t yet know of Mr. Grey’s erotic sexual desires. At first, you would believe the two were seeking an actual relationship, not just a relationship of Bondage.

Mr. Grey, on the other hand, is clearly not a man looking for his lifetime romance, being that he has had over 10 sub missives and continues to try and seduce Ms. Steele.

Clearly, Ms. Steele is the one looking to make Mr. Grey more than a friend. Mr. Grey, a man who has done this many of times, says he doesn’t do romance.

Shot from many angles, with dramatic close-up shots, Cinematography played a crucial part in bringing the erotic acts to the screen.

The overall concept of the film has viewers and others responding both in positive and negative manners. It appears people feel the film didn’t accurately portray a BDSM relationship. It did, in fact, showcase an abusive relationship, as some from society put it.

Although “Fifty Shades of grey” is a film, it isn’t required to portray real or factual pieces. With all films, whether a documentary or a creation of purely fiction, criticism will always exist among cinephiles and the average viewer. I, myself, found the film to be something I haven’t seen before.

To be entirely honest, I didn’t love nor hate the film. I thought the film presented something new to cinema, a film that exposed another side to the average purely sexual relationship, commonly known as “Friends With Benefits.”

Based on the ending, viewers can see “Fifty Shades of Grey” continuing with a sequel, which is likely to be based on the second book “Fifty Shades Darker.” Many unanswered questions will leave the “Fifty Shades of Grey” lovers on a journey into the minds of Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele.

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