Maintenance staffers receive official termination letters

By Nicole Brown

Kean University’s maintenance staffers will be terminated effectively April 30th, according to a letter they received from the administration on March 12th.

In 2010, the University outsourced custodial services at the Liberty Hall Museum and East Campus to outside vendors. However, on March 2, Kean’s Board of Trustees approved the administration’s recommendation to outsource housekeeping and grounds services for all buildings on its Union, NJ campus. This decision is expected to save the university $3.45 million per year.

“The decision to outsource maintenance and grounds was made for reasons of economy and efficiency following a year-long review of these services by an outside assessment firm,” said a Kean official. “As a result, 54 full-time positions will be eliminated; affected employees will be given a 45-day notice as an important and necessary part of its decision process. “

According to the Administration, GCA, the new vendor is required to interview all the terminated employees for employment positions. Upon successful employment the vendor must pay prevailing wage and benefits to former Kean employees. Kean said it will provide its employees with up to $2000 toward retraining programs.

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