Student Organization elections to be held tomorrow

The Student Government Organization's election flyer hangs on their office's door in the University Center.

The Student Government Organization’s election flyer hangs on their office’s door in the University Center.

By: Marco Rodriguez

Voting sessions for Kean University’s Student Organization will be held tomorrow, April 7 on the Cougar Link website.

Voting will be open starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday and close at 6 p.m. the next day, April 8. The Student Organization along with the Graduate and Part-time Student Council, will be looking to fill various positions.

Some of the positions the candidates will be vying for are Treasurer of Student Organization, Assistant Secretary of Student Organization, and Secretary of the Graduate and Part-time Student Council.  While these positions are of importance in the student government, the attention and hype surrounds the election of the next Student Organization President.

The three students contending for the position are Schalor Blackshear, Joao Pereira and Anthony Williams.  In recent videos posted on the student government’s Instagram page, @keanstudentgov, the candidates were able to speak to the student body about their plans if they’re elected.

“My main focus is to make sure that every voice at Kean University is heard,” said Blackshear before inviting students to cast their vote for him.

Pereira, on the other hand, hopes to create a welcoming atmosphere in his office if elected.“If you vote for me, I will have an open door policy where anyone with any problem can come talk to me,” he said.

The third candidate, Williams, chose to focus his message on the concerns on and around campus.

“My main priority is to focus on campus issues such as campus parking and school roads,” said Williams in the Instagram video.

Additional instructions will be sent from the university to students via email in preparation for their vote casting this Wednesday. For more information, visit

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