Kean professor lectures on motivational interviewing

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Dr. Christopher Lynch

By Angel Ospina

Last week on a beautiful spring Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Christopher Lynch’s motivating words was exactly what both teachers and students needed to hear as the home stretch of the spring semester is upon us.

Lynch spoke of the useful technique of motivational interviewing for the three-day event, Kean Research Days which purpose is to provide a campus-wide experience that brings together students from all disciplines.

“Instead of telling people to do things, motivate them to do things said,” said Lynch enthusiastically.

Lynch used a PowerPoint presentation along with a role-play demonstration with a student to show how motivational interviewing works.

“Motivation interviewing is persuasion, but not do this or else, its persuasion that recognizes that the only way I can persuade you is if we have a relationship because ultimately you’re the one who can persuade yourself,” Lynch said in his monotone yet loud voice.

Lynch is part of the communication, media and journalism department here at Kean University and uses motivational interviewing to help mold the teacher-student relationship for his very own students

During his speech Lynch spoke of a tough professor he had while obtaining his doctorate.

“I knew I had something to learn from this guy because he was Superman, Christopher Reeves voice teacher,” said Lynch. “Because in those 15 minutes one-on-ones (with him) I felt like anything but superman, yet I knew I had something to learn from him.”

Lycnh’s speech of motivational interviewing was not only informative but motivational as well.

“If we don’t take time to think we don’t truly bring about change,” stated Lynch.

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