Would you ever try online dating?


The popular phone app for dating, Tinder, which is highly popular among young adults.

The popular phone app for dating, Tinder, which is highly popular among
young adults.

By, Annalise Knudson on Sept. 28, 2015

With the Internet so readily available on cellphones, computers, and tablets, it only makes sense that dating would eventually come online. Online dating sites have popped up on the Internet since Match. com was created in 1995.

Since then, dating apps and websites are the new wave of dating because of how it easy it is to use, its convenience, and availability on all devices. Whether you pay for online dating with sites like Match.com or EHarmony, or you use an app for free such as Tinder or Plenty of Fish, more and more users prefer online dating.

But what prompts those to want to try or use online dating?

Maybe it’s the appeal to be able to become a different person behind the screen than in person or just how easy it is to communicate on a different platform than faceto-face.

Many people believe online dating to be a “last resort” to trying to date someone you meet in person. But online dating has become a worldwide phenomenon that proves that belief potentially wrong.

I do agree that it could be difficult to trust someone you meet online because the pictures and information they send could be false and dangerous. Do we not take these same risks when we agree to date someone in person, as well?

There is nothing wrong with dating someone you meet in person and there is nothing wrong with dating someone you meet online. It is all preference on how you decide you want your personal relationships to come about.

I find it unfortunate that people feel the need to lie about how they meet someone if it is through an online dating site, but I see no difference in an official dating site compared to meeting and talking to someone through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I believe that social media can create relationships between partners, but it is not seen in the same context as dating sites.

Online dating has changed drastically since its start when finding a partner was the sole reason to use it.

Some online dating apps and websites are for people who are looking for something specific in a partner such as the popular dating websites FarmersOnly.com and ChristianMingle.com.

There are interesting websites such as FurryMate.com, a site for people who enjoy to dress as furry animals, and wish to share that interest with a potential partner. Others are known for hook-ups such as Tinder, which has become increasingly popular with young adults.

From something that was once frowned upon, online dating is now a norm in our society today and the future for online dating will only continue to grow over the years.

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