Delta Phi Epsilon wins award for video embracing flaws

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By Celeste Simmons | Posted on March 30, 2016

Body image is something we see every time we go on any type of social media. It’s either being mentioned in a negative or positive way but it’s always there.

This past year however has been a year of change in body image. Now when you see posts about body image mentioned, it is more in light of accepting yourself and all your flaws.

Last September the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter at Kean tried to make an impact on body image by creating a video titled “Love Yourself” which they recently won an award for. The award they won was the Amy Vojta Impact Award for Public Relations.

Last semester, The Tower published an article when the Love Yourself video first came out. The video is set to the song “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld and consists of some of the sisters standing in front of a white board with their eyes covered while the other sisters come up and write nice things on the board about them.

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Delta Phi Epsilon created this video in honor of one of their philanthropies, Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD).

“We got recognized because one of our sisters, Jordan Cahill who is Kean University’s Greek Life Specialists, submitted us for the award,” said Brenna Stangle, Delta Phi Epsilon’s Vice president of Membership Development. “I was actually shocked when I first heard we won the award. Jordan did not tell us she applied for this award and to our surprise we won.”

Their video created a lot of buzz online. Total Sorority Move first posted the video to their site back in September and Dove soap tweeted about their video under their “speak beautiful” hashtag.

“Our historian Brenna Falzone really made it what it was. It would not have been possible without her, Jessica Kramer and the support and participation of our sisters,” said Stangle “When we first posted ours, the comments were absolutely overwhelming but I never thought it would get this big nationally.”

This video was not just a onetime event in support of ANAD. Each semester, the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon hold an ANAD week where they spread awareness about the disorder and  have speakers come in and talk about how their experience with anorexia. They also hold vigils during the week.

“As most people know, one of our Philanthropies is ANAD so we are constantly raising awareness for this awful disorder,” said Stangle.


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