New eateries make their way into students’ hearts, stomachs

 Almost always accompanied with a long line, Smashburger is proving to be a popular destination for students. Credit: Kean University

Almost always accompanied with a long line,
Smashburger is proving to be a popular destination for students. Credit: Kean University

By Adrianna Ruffo l Sept. 25, 2016

Throughout the past year, Kean University had been planning a few pleasant surprises for students once the new semester arrived.

On Sept. 1, students were introduced to a number of new eateries this semester: Auntie Anne’s, a famous pretzel chain, Outtakes, the newly renovated convenience store and Smashburger, a Denver-based fast-food burger chain.

hoursAu Bon Pain, a casual bakery and cafe chain, is not yet open, but will be coming soon to the new North Avenue Academic Building. Meanwhile, Enoteca Ursino, located in the S.T.E.M. Building, opened over the summer.

Smashburger, Auntie Anne’s and Outtakes were officially open to the public in the Miron Student Center. Smashburger’s menu offers a diverse group of entrees, ranging from jalapeno to black bean burgers, in addition to a fan favorite, the appropriately named “Classic Smash.”

“Smashburger is my favorite place to eat on campus, it was the  first restaurant I saw as they kept advertising it.” said Christina Edme, a sophomore majoring in business management, “I had to try it.”

Another student echoed Edme’s sentiment. “I couldn’t wait to try Smashburger because of their hamburgers and fries,” said Megan Campesi, a junior majoring in environmental science.

Auntie Anne’s is also quickly becoming a favorite among Kean University students. Known for their variety of different pretzels such as the cinnamon sugar and sour cream and onion pretzels, it’s surely making its mark on campus.

“Auntie Anne’s is my favorite place to eat on campus,” commented Michelle Ripa, a sophomore majoring in speech-language pathology. “I love their mini pretzels, hot dogs and the combinations they ooffer are amazing.  The service is fast and the frozen drinks are always a treat after a long class.”

Au Bon Pain, a Boston-based bakery and cafe chain, has been highly anticipated by students.

“When I heard that Kean is opening an Au Bon Pain on campus, I was so excited to try [Au Bon Pain]” said Alisa Nulman, a sophomore majoring in health information management. “I’m not sure when it will be open but when it does, I’ll be the first person in line.”

According to a recent press release from the university, all the new eateries except for Enoteca Ursino will accept Cougar Dollars.

Meanwhile, Enoteca Ursino, after undergoing a large renovation, officially opened to the public once again on May 25 in the S. T. E. M. building on Morris Avenue. According to a recent press release from Kean University, Enoteca Ursino “offers a farm-to-table, Italian-inspired menu featuring a variety of local sources and organic produce grown at the adjacent Liberty Hall Farm.”

“Through the restaurant, we are raising scholarship money to support students in their pursuit of a world-class Kean University education,” said Steve Fastook, Foundation board chair in a press release from Kean University.

“The restaurant gives us an opportunity to both support our students and bring the community to Kean’s beautiful campus.” So next time you’re on campus and you’re looking for a place to study or relax with friends, you can make a quick stop and grab yourself a treat from one of these fine eateries.

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