Student Government seats still open after April elections

An empty seat! Credit: Phil Roeder via Creative Commons

An empty seat. Credit: Phil Roeder via Creative Commons

By: Gail Fredricks | Published Sept. 25, 2016

Twenty-seven seats in Kean University’s student government remain available after last semester’s annual elections, which left even more positions vacant since no one ran for them.

trusteesideLast April, no student ran for vice president, treasurer, secretary and representatives in the Graduate Part-Time Student Council (GPSC). All positions for the Senior Class executive Board were vacant, as well as the Sophomore and Junior Class vice president, secretary, and representatives.

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All seats for the GPSC have been  filled, according to Student Organization Managing Assistant Director Carli Hench. Senior class president and vice president have been filled, while the rest remain vacant. The junior class still doesn’t have a vice president or secretary and several representative seats remain available.

Meanwhile, seats for president, vice president, secretary and representatives for the sophomore class are still open.

Kean Ocean still has four vacant seats for representatives.

Applications for freshman class seats — which are not voted on in April — are available on CougarLink and are due Sept. 30 at 2 p.m.

Applications for vacant positions are available on CougarLink, and the positions will remain vacant until filled. In the meantime, the responsibilities of each position will be placed on the next senior officer.

“Other Executive Board officers are also expected to chip in where there are vacancies and help out until the vacancies are filled,” said Hench.

Students can apply for vacant positions and applications will remain available until Feb. 3, 2017, which is when the next election cycle begins.

Several people also ran on unopposed tickets in April for positions including GPSC president Student Organization treasurer, assistant secretary and vice president of funded groups. Meanwhile, data from Student Government’s CougarLink page showed that 1,437 students voted, or nine percent out of a total graduate and undergraduate population of 15,406.

Student Organization President Emily Cubilete, who was elected last April as the first female for the position, said it is her job along with the board members to help spread word about elections and to get students involved.

“One way we are making this a success is by tabling and speaking to the student body about the positive outcomes you can encounter when elected into a position with Student Government,” Cubilete said. “We have many students that are interested and applying for the positions. We are taking action and moving forward with the applications.”

Student Organization advertises their involvement opportunities on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. They can be followed @KeanStudentGov. Any student who is interested in fulfilling any of the positions available can contact Carli Hench, at

Below are the remaining open seats:

Student Organization Senior Class Executive Board

Position Status
Treasurer not filled
Secretary not filled
Senior class representatives Five seats available

Student Organization Junior Class Executive Board

Position Status
Vice President not filled
Secretary not filled
Junior Class representatives Eight seats available

Student Organization Sophomore Class Executive Board

Position Status
President not filled
Vice President not filled
Secretary not filled
Sophomore class representatives Three seats available

Kean Ocean representatives

Position Status
Kean Ocean representatives Four seats available

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