Kean ranks No. 2 for best dorms in the state, study says

The volleyball court near the New Freshman dorm hall. Credit:

The volleyball court near the New Freshman dorm hall. Credit: Kiana Simone

By Kiana Simone | Published Sept. 27, 2016

Kean University ranked No. 2 in the state for best dorms among all universities and colleges in New Jersey, according to a study. Kean’s dorms were surpassed by Princeton University, a private and much more costly school.

This is the second time Kean University has earned a high ranking for its dorms from the same study. Last year, Kean ranked No. 3 in the state.

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“Our dorms provide a living-learning environment where student success is linked to community engagement, personal development, outstanding facilities and leadership opportunities,” Maximina Rivera, director of residence life at Kean University, said in a press release.

This year, The Richard Stockton College came in at No. 3, followed by Ramapo College and Seton Hall.

Students that The Tower spoke with gave their dorms praise, but also pointed out the steep cost of living — a harsh reality for any college student.

“Kean University truly provides a sense of home away from home when living on campus,” said Jomari Andeliz.“I’m comfortable, I enjoy myself, and yes I do feel safe while here.”

Andeliz went on to say that it is very peaceful dorming at Kean also.

“I have never had to really complain about noise or anything like that,” she said. “My neighbors are pretty quiet for the most part. They never really bother me and I get a good night’s rest. No complaints here.”

On the contrary, some students stated although they enjoyed their stay in the dorms at Kean, their pockets took a hit.

Ashley Ford, a junior, stated she no longer lives on campus but did enjoy her dorm once upon-a-time.

“I loved living at Kean,’ said Ford. “I lived in New Upper, which is the most expensive dorm on campus. Although I enjoyed my stay, living on campus was pretty pricey. I had to not only pay to live on campus but I also had to pay to maintain my dorm. Laundry detergent, food, cleaning supplies, soap… at stuff adds up. en having to pay for books on top of that? Too much.”

Each of Kean’s dorms have different rates, with the new upperclassman residence hall coming in at $6,021 — or about $12,000 annually — for a single occupancy apartment, according to Kean’s website. Compartively, Princeton University’s average housing rates are $13,620 annually, says.

Ford stated her dorm was decked out with carpet inside the bedroom and the living room, tiled flooring in the bathroom, and also the kitchen. She said the kitchen area was nice and she even had an additional sink in the hallway which was equipped with a nice full mirror. used four factors when ranking colleges’ dorms at the around the nation. Over 164,000 users self-reported which university they attended or recently attended and cast opinions about the quality of their dorms.

The website also used data from the U.S. Department of Education to assess average housing cost, housing capacity and student housing crime rates. Each of these categories was weighted at 10 percent in the study.

Last year, some people on Kean’s Facebook page questioned the credibility of the website’s study since it incorrectly listed Kean in Union City, located in Hudson County, and not Union. The website lists Kean University in Union City again this year.

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