Women’s field hockey strives for perfect season

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By Brittany Pavlichko | Originally published in print on Oct. 20, 2016

Kean University’s women’s field hockey team remains undefeated as they strive for a perfect season. The Cougars have an impressive 13-0 record this season and began NJAC conference play facing Rowan University on Oct 1.

This is Head Coach Leslie LaFronz’s seventh season as head coach of the women’s field hockey program at Kean. Throughout her coaching career at Kean, she led the Cougars to six postseasons and looks forward to continuing the growth of the team.

“I think this is one of the most balanced teams that I had and I think because everybody works hard, it is definitely a lot more difficult to play against us,” LaFronz said.

Additionally, a large contribution to the team’s success is the bond that they share. In May, the team traveled to Amsterdam to practice with the Men’s Amsterdam team. Along with practices in Amsterdam, the Cougars toured the city where they truly bonded as a team. Besides venturing out of the country, the team has been hard at work while still on Kean’s campus.

“We had morning workouts, weight lifting sessions, pick up practices and tournaments throughout the winter and spring that helped us prepare for the great season we are having,” said Jordan Colna, a senior field hockey player at Kean University. “We are more than a team; we are a family and we are there for each other on and off the field.”

The cougars have a strong staff backing them up this season. Captains Teresa Carr, Jordan Colna and Shauna LaMaina show a great deal of leadership on and off the field. Assistant coaches Olivia Lopes, Cliff Odendo and Stephanie Rios as well as Graduate Assistant Diane Boccella help prepare the ladies with knowledge of the game.

“I stress the fact to never give up and work hard,” said assistant coach Stephanie Rios. “Drill after drill, rep after rep, nothing beats fundamentals.”

The Cougars have 22 players on their roster this season, including two new players Jenna Patrone and Lia DiPiazza. Patrone is starting in the midfield and has excellent stick work. Whereas, DiPiazza is the starter. They both took on difficult roles right away and are fitting right in with the team stated LaFronz.

“We are enjoying every win because we don’t know when our next win is going to come,” said LaFronz “Each day we try to be a little better than the game before, competition breathes success.”

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