Jeff Mahajan shares stories from his pursuit of a ‘Souper’ music festival


By Emily Casey

Jeff Mahajan, a music professor at Brookdale Community College, paid Kean Ocean a visit on Oct 5 as a volunteer guest speaker for an Event Planning & Management class. Mahjan years of involvement in planning events for his own band, Turtle Soup, he shared information about this with the class.

“I felt that the appearance from Jeff Mahajan was one of the more educational experiences that I have had the pleasure of learning from while at Kean,” said Tom Nuara, a Kean Ocean student. “I am very grateful for him taking the time to educate us on planning a live multi-day event.”

Mahajan shared what he has learned from his experience as the producer of Souper Groove Music Festival, like how to set a goal, methods of budgeting and tips on getting publicity.

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