Kean University Department of Public Safety Police blotter


By: Mike Roche
Sept. 12
A 29 year old East Orange man was arrested on Morris Avenue for contempt.
Sept. 13
Theft: Police report a book was stolen by an unknown person.
Sept. 15
Theft: A victim’s laptop and case was stolen from a computer lab in Center for Academic Success


Sept. 16

Underage persons were arrested for underage consumption and possession of alcohol.

Theft: A backpack with laptop was stolen from a bathroom in the STEM Building.

Sept. 18

A 26-year-old Far Hills man was arrested on Morris Avenue for contempt.

Theft: A victim’s cell phone was stolen from their room in Burch Hall.

Sept. 20

A 19-year-old Connecticut man was arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia at the New Upper Class Residence.

Three New Jersey men were arrested at New Upper Class Residence for being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

Sept. 21
Theft: An unknown person took several pastries from the Starbucks refrigerator in Down’s Hall. Sept. 23
Former residents of Freshman Hall, damaged and defaced one of the rooms.
Sept. 25
Unknown persons used a rock to shatter a second floor window of UC.
Sept. 26
A victim was threatened via text message by an unknown actor.
Sept. 28
Theft: A book was stolen by unknown persons in East Campus.
Theft: A victim’s wallet was stolen and the debit card used.
Theft: A victim’s books and map were stolen from East Campus.
Sept. 30
A 21-year-old Hillside man was arrested on campus for Contempt.
Theft: A victim’s wallet and cellphone was stolen from their car in Vaughn Eames Parking Lot.

Oct. 1
A 44-year-old Elizabeth man was arrested for simple assault in Vaughn Eames parking lot. Multiple persons were arrested in UC Hall for underage possession and consumption of alcohol.

Oct. 2
Theft: Money was stolen from a victim’s wallet in Freshman Hall.
A 19-year-old Plainfield man was arrested for defiant trespass at East Campus fields.
Oct. 5
Theft: A victim’s cell phone was stolen from a bathroom stall in the Center for Academic Successbuilding.
Theft: An unknown person took a laptop from a backpack in the library.
Oct. 6
A 19-year-old Carteret woman was arrested for contempt in the Vaughn Eames parking lot. A 20-year-old Summit man was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Oct. 11
An unknown person was accused of harassment towards a student in Bartlett Hall. Theft: A victim’s headphones were taken from their backpack in a CAS Computer Lab.

Oct. 12
Theft: A cellphone was taken by unknown persons from an East Campus bathroom.


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