Former Student Org president on Linden Board of Education loss: ‘I’ll be back’

The Student Organization's President-Elect, Nigel Donald.

Former Student Organization President Nigel Donald. Photo courtesy of Donald

By: Gail Fredricks | Published Nov. 10, 2016

Nigel Donald, Kean University’s former Student Organization’s president, has had his first experience running for public office. Although unsuccessful in the election for Linden Board of Education, Donald, 22, was happy with the results.

“For my age, my experience, and time commitment to other things I was highly content with seeing all those that supported me and have expressed continued support no matter if they live in Linden or are from another city or state for that matter,” Donald said.

Donald secured 2,063 votes, while the winners Dawn Beviano, Susan Hudak, and Gregory R. Martucci secured 2,537, 2,730, and 2,701 votes, respectively. Donald’s running mate, Aaron Howard, secured 1,224 votes, according to Union County Clerk website.

Donald plans to continue working on his master’s degree in public administration at Kean, and looks forward to working with the board on initiatives that will improve the academic competitiveness of the Linden student.

However, Donald does not plan to give up.

“I’ll be back,” he said. “There is nothing more I want but to see students that graduate from my old schools no matter they be elementary, middle or high school that when they face college or the real world they’ve been either prepared or given notice of what to look forward too.”

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