Deadline to submit graduation forms approaches

Almost there... Credit: Shilad Sen via Creative Commons

Almost there… Credit: Shilad Sen via Creative Commons

By Rose Marie Kitchen | Published Dec. 11, 2016

Whether graduating in December, May or August; there are a few major steps that need to be completed before walking across the Newark Prudential Center stage on May 18, 2017.

Back in August, all eligible students with 82 credits or more, received an email from the Office of the Registrar listing four important steps on the graduation checklist.

“The process was a bit overwhelming because there are specific ways that the departments are expecting students to fill out the forms,” said Kimalee Ford, a graduating senior who’s majoring in psychology. “Once it’s over it’s a huge weight lifted. Sit down with your advisor(s) and make sure that you understand.”

The first step is to review the program evaluation on KeanWise. The program evaluation is located under the student menu tab. After review, meet with the corresponding academic advisor to review the curriculum guide sheet. Meeting the corresponding academic advisor will ensure that all degree requirements will be met by the anticipated graduation date.

Second step, complete the curriculum guide sheet and have it signed by the department chairperson(s) for all majors, minors and collaterals. Attach any waivers and/or course substitutions.

“You need to get the graduation applications done as soon as possible because that will help the school let you know if there are any issue that you need to settle before graduation, but they can’t help you if you wait too long,” said Cynthia Youngclaus, a graduating senior who has an English dual certification for kindergarten to grade 12 and special education.

The third step is to pay the required $100 graduation fee in the student accounting office. The office is in the Administration Building on the third floor.

Finally, complete the 2017 degree application form. Hand in a signed copy along with your payment receipt, a signed copy of the curriculum guide sheet (for all majors, minors and collaterals) and any waivers and course substitutions to the Office of the Registrar.

“It’s an exciting time and you want it to be stress-free as possible, so you definitely don’t want to find out that there’s something you missed that will keep you from graduation,” said Youngclaus.

The final deadlines for filing out the graduation are below:

  • First Friday in October for January graduates
  • First Friday in February for May graduates
  • First Friday in March for August graduates

For additional information, visit the graduation information website or email

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