Students learn to overcome stereotypes at workshop

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By Kiana Simone | Published Dec. 13, 2016

About 30 students attended a workshop at Kean University called More Than Meets the Eye, which was geared towards overcoming stereotypes that people place among their peers.

During the workshop, the attendees got a chance to choose stereotypes that were once placed upon them such as quiet, weird, bougie, nonchalant, clown and more.

Bre’yanie Pearson, a 20-year-old public relations major, helped put the event together.

“We had deeper conversation highlighting how does judging affect people and why it’s important to get to know people before judging them,” said Pearson, adding that attendees were also asked how they can turn their stereotypes from a negative to a positive.  

The workshop was a part of a platform called Embracing the Crown, which was created by Seton Hall graduates Jadea Asante and Shelby Atkins. Embracing the Crown was designed to empower women on both a professional and collegiate level.   

The platform was created in 2014. Asante and Atkins have since been able to partner with a lot of colleges and universities, middle and high schools, and also nonprofit organizations throughout the state to present their platform. They have had the chance to reach hundreds of young men and women along the way.

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