Barnes and Noble bookstore expands to Kean University’s main campus in the Miron Student Center

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By Rafaela Teixeira | Published March 4, 2017

The Barnes and Noble bookstore has expanded to the hub of Kean University’s main campus in the Miron Student Center (MSC) upon the arrival of the Spring 2017 semester.

The size comparison of the new location of the bookstore is much smaller than the one in the Green Lane building.

Due to its smaller size, only a select few items are being sold there. For instance, Spirit clothing and gift items, among other tech gadgets, like accessories for phones and laptops. It is really just a small sample of what they have in the main bookstore.

John Cusick, store manager at the Green Lane Barnes and Noble bookstore gave much insight to the reason behind the new addition to the Miron Student Center.

“While this store has been really successful, one drawback is that we are on the side of campus. We used to be located in the University Center (UC) [now referred to the MSC], where SmashBurger is, then we opened this beautiful store a couple of years ago. So the University asked us to move back into the location”, he explained.

The university made a request in which they were happy to accommodate.

He continued by saying that, “They wanted a presence of the bookstore over there, especially for the spirit items.”

Many visitors on campus do not  get to visit the main bookstore. It is more convenient to have an area nearby where they can shop for themselves, or others.

He also explained that when students are taking classes on the main campus and need to buy specific school supplies, they can hurry to the MSC bookstore and quickly purchase what they need.

One key benefit Cusick has from the new location is getting to interact and see more people in the Miron Student Center as opposed to the Green Lane building where people do not stop by very often.

Another benefit that the main bookstore gets from the new location is promoting new sales, discounts, or delivering new information to students, such as the two-week free shipping given at the start of the Spring 2017 semester.

Students can now be better informed of what goes on over at Green Lane just by asking the employee working at the Miron Student Center.

“Everyone who works there works here… all of my employees are good here, but I tend to send over the more experienced and, kind of outgoing employees over there because I need them to be able to inform the customers over there about everything that is going on over here”, he explained.

Cusick explained that the system is the same in both locations. Any employee in the MSC will be able to inform students of whether or not the wanted textbook is over at Green Lane. The only reason textbooks are not being sold there is because of the small size of the store.

Students are also able to order books online from the new location and pick them up at the Green Lane building.

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