Kean University prides itself on affordability

By Jennifer Padilla | Published March 4, 2017

Kean University began to offer an online bachelor completion program for community college graduates as of January of 2016. Kean Online has already been recognized by Value Colleges as one of the “Top Ten Best Online Colleges in New Jersey.” Among the colleges listed, Kean Online offered the most affordable tuition.

“It is exciting to have Kean Online recognized as a Top 10 College in New Jersey,” said Marsha McCorry, Kean University’s Associate Vice President for enrollment management. “Kean University prides itself on affordability.”

Value Colleges’ rankings are based on regional accreditation, number of online programs, institutional reputation, and annual cost. Rankings are measured by research from p

With Kean Online you can obtain your bachelor's degree from home Credit: StockSnap via Pixabay

With Kean Online you can obtain your bachelor’s degree from home Credit: StockSnap via Pixabay

ublic sources such as the National Center for Educational Statistics, Payscale, college scorecard (US Department of Education), U.S. News & World Report, and the colleges’ own website, according to Carrie Sealey-Morris, lead editor of Value Colleges.

With a yearly cost of $11,581, Kean Online reflected on Value Colleges’ that it offers affordable tuition when compared to other online colleges in New Jersey; for example, Rutgers University Online costs $14,131 per year and New Jersey Institute of Technology costs $16,108 per year.

Kean Online offers bachelor programs in business, criminal justice and nursing. Their graduate programs include Master of Educational Administration, Computer Information Systems and Hindi/Urdu Language Pedagogy. Being that Kean Online is still a brand new addition to the university, McCorry stated that it will continue to expand its program offerings.

Kean Online has partnered with other community colleges in the state in order to make transitioning a swift experience for community college graduates who wish to complete an online bachelor’s program without losing any of their hard-earned credits.

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