Kean’s Curl Fest celebrates women’s empowerment

Students that took a picture with this wall and posted #KeanCurlFest on their social media recieved a free coffee mug, Photo Courtesy of Estefani Hernandez

Students that took a picture with this wall and posted #KeanCurlFest on their social media received a free coffee mug.
Photo Courtesy of Estefani Hernandez

By Estefani Hernandez | Published March 22, 2017

The Kean student organization held its very first “Curls, Coils and Kinks Fest,” for Women empowerment on Monday in the Miron Student Center and received a huge crowd.

The curl fest encouraged both males and females to love their natural hair type.

“Having curls is something wonderful that every female should be proud of, I am very happy to see that natural hair is being celebrated,” said Karolyn Gonzalez, Junior. “All curls are beautiful and it’s great to see these many people here.”

During the event there were hair tips from YouTube celebrities such as Janae Raquel, Ada Rojas and Ashley Hall. There were also many free giveaways such as smoothies, pens, coffee mugs, hair samples, free haircuts, Dip n’ Dots, Chap Stick and a live performance by the Ekklipse Steel Band.

Additionally, Raquel, Rojas and Hall held a question panel for any doubts that females or males might have about dealing with their natural hair. Rojas shared her journey in college as an African-American Latina with curls to students.

“In college, I damaged my curls so much, I would straighten my hair constantly and at one point my natural hair pattern just wasn’t there anymore,” said Rojas. “I did a huge chop and decided it was time to get my hair health again and one year later and I haven’t used any heat on my hair and do not plan to anytime soon.”

All women came together to celebrate one thing and that is being natural. Women empowerment was felt throughout the festival.

“Your fro is yours for a reason, never compare your mane to another, always love your hair for how it is,” said Raquel. “Every fro is different but that is what makes you, you.”

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