Kean University Department of Public Safety police blotter

A Kean University police car. Credit: Rebecca Panico

A Kean University police car. Credit: Rebecca Panico

By Joel Joly | Published April 7, 2017

Feb. 22 – At 6:16 p.m, a faint odor of CDS was detected in the stairwell. No odor was detected near any residential rooms in Dougall Hall.

Feb. 23 – At 7:42 a.m, an unknown actor broke the outer door handle that was repaired the day before at the University Center.

Feb. 24 – At 11:39 a.m, three people were stuck on the elevator and freed by police officers on scene. The elevator was placed out of service.

Feb. 28 – At 12:56 p.m, in the UC hall, a person was feeling dizzy, numb, weak, and experiencing pain in lower back. The person was transported to the hospital.

Mar. 1 – At 11:16, there was a faint odor of CDS found but nothing that could be located in Whiteman Hall.

Mar. 3 – At 8:02 a.m, a fire alarm was activated at the Campus School West by a GCA employee who accidentally hit the pull station with boxes that were being moved.

Mar. 4 – At 3:05 p.m a reported suspicious package was later found to be an unattended backpack containing clothes and books in the Cougar’s Den.

Mar. 8 – an unknown actor gained access into the kitchen and took two bags of chicken wings and other food in the UC hall kitchen, reported at 10:08 a.m.

Mar. 9 – An unknown actor gained access into the kitchen and took frozen beef hamburger patties and other food in the UC hall Kitchen, reported at 2:55 p.m.

Mar. 16 – At 3:52 p.m, an unknown actor took victim’s wallet from jacket at the CAS Building.

Mar. 17 – At 8:33 p.m A GCA employee took the victim’s clothes from the floor of the laundry room and threw them out in Freshman Hall.

Mar. 19 – At 12:15 p.m an underage actor was in possession of a fraudulent driver’s license at the UC Hall.

Mar. 20 – At 9:21 a.m, vehicle #2 struck the rear of vehicle #1 due to driver inattention at Campus Drive.

Mar. 21– At 2:32 a.m, an intoxicated female tried to gain access into the building and was refused to leave in Suzio Hall

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