‘More Life:’ Has Drake surpassed Lil Wayne?

By Kiana Anderson | Published April 7, 2017

Drake at the Summer Sixteen Tour 2016 in Toronto. Credit: The Come Up Show via Flickr

Drake at the Summer Sixteen Tour 2016 in Toronto. Credit: The Come Up Show via Flickr

“Has Drake surpassed Lil Wayne?” is a question now being discussed with the success of Toronto rapper Drake’s highly anticipated new album, “More Life.”

The feedback from the album has been amazing as Drake took to sample many legendary songs while putting his own twist on things. Drake signed to  Wayne’s label, Young Money, in 2009 and has since produced five albums and won three Grammys.

Lil Wayne is a legendary rapper but Drake is the number one artist in the country right now.

Kean students shared their thoughts on the issue and the reviews were certainly mixed.

Kean senior Amani Parrish said with the faster technology gets, the faster artists such as Drake become more relevant.

“I feel as though Drake is definitely on the verge of being greater than Wayne if he isn’t already. People have to understand the age we live in now is fast. With all the sense of technology we have, it is easier for Drake to come out on top and even faster for us to make him #1. The way videos are designed and the way music is thrown in our face is living proof that Drake, who by the way is more relevant than Lil Wayne, will surpass him.”

In contrast, Junior, Ashley Ford said: “I love Drake but I do not feel as though he has passed Lil Wayne. Wayne is legendary. I grew up listening to Wayne. Drake will get there but now is not that time.”

Junior Andrea Antal also agreed with Ford saying Drake is close but not yet there.

“I for sure think he is close but have you seen what Wayne has done for the hip-hop community? There’s no way anyone can just forget about that and put Drake above him.”

This is definitely a close one.

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