Kean Kids Day Raises Money for The Children’s Specialized Hospital

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By Monica Sudfield | Published April 25, 2017

Professor Edgley’s group communication course hosted Kean Kids Day, a field day event for students and children, on the Jim Haynes field to raise money for the Children’s Specialized Hospital.

Since April is Autism awareness Month, the class wanted their funds to be donated to an organization that helped individuals with this condition.

“Everyone came to an agreement that the Children’s Specialized Hospital was the perfect candidate, especially because Kean has been one of their biggest donators in the past.” said Tiffany Osoria, campus liaison for Kean Kids Day.

As stated in the Cougars Byte last April Kean University raised $38,014.24 for the Children’s Specialized Hospital at the Kean Dance Marathon event.

Another marathon occurred on April 7, which raised $47, 485.98, according to The Children’s Specialized Hospital website.

When the Kean Kids Day team found out about KDM, they were thrilled that the organization will be receiving even more donations than they anticipated to raise through their event alone.

“I believe Kean Kids Day is a great way to raise money because you are not only getting the campus involved, but the community as well,” said Taira Holley-Mayfield, Kean Kids Day ambassador.

The activities that were present at the event were kickball, face painting, board games, and corn hole. A DJ was also present, playing tunes for everyone to boogie down to.

“The event itself raised $200 and is still accepting donations until the week of May 1.” said Professor Edgley.

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