David Jacobsen hypes up crowd at Rock n’ Joe cafe

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By Gail Fredricks | Published April 30, 2017

Independent singer and songwriter David W. Jacobsen performed at Rock n’ Joe on Saturday.

Despite the rainy day, Jacobsen promoted his new satirical, anecdotal folk album, ‘Begin the Chagrin’, to the customers in the cafe.

Jacobsen describes his newest album as a range of noble, relatable, pitiable and revolting characters dealing with disappointment or causing it for someone else. Its protagonists include those failing at art, love, or life in general. Characters yearn to be someone they are not. Starting in the acoustic singer/songwriter genre, its progressions and melodies are catchy without being predictable.

He hyped up the crowd after every song, “Thanks Union, you guys sure know how to rock out.”

In between commentary about his mother-in-law and the recent events that took place on United Airlines, Jacobsen made sure there was never a dull moment.

Born and raised in Essex County and Jersey City, Jacobsen has been writing songs for over fifteen years and playing guitar since 1989. He played bass in several bands before coming a solo artist, and studied music theory at Berkeley College of Music.

Jacobsen performs throughout New Jersey and New York and has many upcoming shows throughout the summer. He is also currently recording his next release. A list of upcoming performances can be found here: Http://davidwj.com.

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