Music Cafe shares the inside details of their annual college tour

Music Cafe gathers to take on yet another tour stop. Photo: Music cafe

Music Cafe gathers to take on yet another tour stop.
Photo: Music cafe


By Kiana Anderson| Published May 5, 2017

Music Cafe has now indulged in their annual college tour. Kean University graduate Desmond Wilder and partner, Ryan Warren-Saunders has done a great job at organizing their team this time around.

When speaking on how the tour is going thus far, Warren Saunders says, “in general the tour this year is good. Our band’s chemistry right now is on a high level. Our artist have great work ethics and support each other in all aspects to the fullest.”

According to Music Cafe, the goal for this year was to get back to the roots and the basics of real music. Warren-Saunders says, “we watched the maturation process of these artist from when they were first auditioning until now and it makes us as a production team feel amazing.”

Many of the artist who get chosen to travel and perform with Music Cafe have never performed live before.

Music Cafe has had the opportunity to bless many artist with their first live experience. To them, it means everything to see the artist’s months later with energy and comfort ability to perform in a room full of people that don’t know them or never even heard their music to experience the beauty of it.

Desmond Wilder says thus far, their best show was Montclair State University.

“I would say our best show thus far was Montclair State University. It was our first official college tour show for this Spring 2017 and the energy was different in that room. We knew it was going to be a good show before we even stepped into the room,” Wilder says. “The rehearsals leading up to that show were some of the best sessions. Our artist were really anxious to show people what they are capable of and I feel along with the band, they executed very well.”

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