Na’bruh Talk brings excitement to Kean’s radio station

Na’bruh after a successful radio show. Photo Courtesy of Hussain.

Na’bruh after a successful radio show.
Photo Courtesy of Hussain.


By Kiana Anderson| Published May 4, 2017

Jean Exume, Oluwakemi Alade and Saad Majeed have now taken politics to a whole new level with their radio show “Na’bruh Talk.” The show airs every Monday on 90.3FM, sponsored by WKNJ, the New Cougar Radio, which is located on the 4th floor of the Center of Academic Success (CAS.) The show centralizes around conversation on topics that will open lots of minds. Kean University senior, Jean Exume is the creator of Na’Bruh.

When speaking on the show and why it is important to him, Exume says, “Na bruh’s focal point is to send out a new and important message to our listeners every time they turn us on. Our mission is to inspire and change the minds of people, so they are able to find their own true purpose in life.”

The team conducts various interviews with entrepreneurs of all trades such as singers, rappers, clothing designers, to even lawyers. The group’s latest show featured lawyer Albert Telsey who is an environmental lawyer. Telsey spoke on how crime and the environment intertwine with one another.

Co-host Oluwakemi Alade states this radio show is very important to her because she gets a chance to be a voice for those around her who may not have the same opportunities.

She says, “we believe we are the change this generation needed the entire time and we will always be that. We want to be the foundation of people’s success stories down the line. We want help other people and other brands get to where they want to reach as well. We’re big on supporting our peers and our former interviewees.”

Co-host Saad Majeed agreed with his partner saying, “Na’bruh Talk is important to me because I feel like our topics can make a difference in someone’s life. The things we say and talk about can one be an inspiration to others. What is more beautiful than that?”

When the cast is not on air at WKNJ, they are conducting podcast interviews at locations of their choice. Na’Bruh talk is a very interactive way to get students at Kean University to express their opinions on different things and also a way to get more people involved with the radio station.

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