Tutoring Center moved to library as part of Learning Commons

Table and chairs in the grand study hall Credit: Jennifer Padilla

Table and chairs in the grand study hall Credit: Jennifer Padilla

By Jennifer Padilla | Published Sept. 27, 2017

The Kean University (KU) Tutoring Center relocated to the third floor of The Nancy Thompson Library as part of the creation of The Learning Commons— an environment to provide multiple student needs in one location—according to Paul Croft, who is on special assignment for the project.

“The Learning Commons includes the areas of writing, career development, circulation, reference-desk, student computer lab, and tutoring,” said Croft. The goal of the Learning Commons is for students to be able to access academic information, technology, research, professional development, and work with faculty and administration to obtain primary and secondary information resources, according to the KU website.

As the new tutoring center is stationed in the third floor of the library, changes in appearance are recognizable. According to Jackie Langley, coordinator of the tutoring center, the dividers from the former tutoring center are being used .

“Some of them are very dirty, but they are working on cleaning them,” said Langley.

A significant portion of the third floor is now occupied by dividers, a waiting space, and a help desk. The tables and chairs that formerly filled the space have now been moved to the Grand Study Hall, making the area crowded with furniture.

“We are in the library,” said Langley. “So, we try to be quiet.”

Senior and two-year tutor, Zachary Clark, said the new location provides a quiet environment.

“It’s a huge change of scenery,” said Clark. “But the view is nice, specially when I come in the morning.”

Taylor Martinez, math tutor and sophomore, said the new location doesn’t bother her. However, she also added that the internet connection is poor up there.

“I heard the internet connection was going to be worked on in the upcoming days,” said Martinez. Clark admitted to hearing the same plan for the internet.

Although the tutoring center sits on a new location, the same past practices continue, according to Croft. However, they are seeking into ‘Digital Library’ and ‘Digital Student’ in order to deliver the services to the student anytime and anywhere.

What is going to be made of the old tutoring center and Student Development offices on the CAS building is a mystery. “The vacant spaces are currently being evaluated by a team of senior Kean management,” said Margaret McCorry, Director of Media Relations.

Maria Perez, a CAS staff member whose office sits across the former tutoring center, said she heard a rumor about it becoming the new admissions office.

“I don’t know what they’re doing with the old tutoring center,” said Clark. “But I would love to know.”

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