Kean activist group collects donations for natural disaster victims

Dr. Bowe aids Houston ensuing hurricane Harvey Credit:

Dr. Bowe aids Houston ensuing hurricane Harvey Credit:

By Jennifer Padilla | Published Sept. 28, 2017

Be the Change activism and community service group at Kean University is asking for donations to aid natural disaster victims in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

In September, Puerto Rico underwent a category four hurricane, Maria; and two forceful earthquakes struck Central Mexico. According to NBCNews, an estimated 344 lives were lost in Mexico, and thousands are homeless.

Puerto Rico is on the brink of humanitarian crisis, while thousands lost their homes and many remain without power or running water, according to Newsweek.

The group is accepting toiletries, medical supplies, food, senior and baby needs until Oct. 6 at Hennings Hall 411.

“Puerto Rico will be without power for four to six months,” said Dr. Norma Bowe, professor of health education and member of Be the Change. “We would also like to send lanterns for 100 affected families.”

Those interested in donating solar lanterns to Puerto Rico—which provide light, flashlight, and cellphone charging—can purchase them on Amazon for $29.99 and address them to 323 North 4th Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904; provide a check to Be the Change NJ; or send proceeds to the group’s Venmo account, Be the Change NJ.

“As human beings, we should all be affected by these natural disasters, as they mean that individuals are suffering great losses,” said Maria Perez, an employee at CAS. “Many of us in the US forget how our daily lives are above the quality of others.”asdasdadadUntitled


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