It’s filming day for Kean TV

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By Monica Sudfield | Published Oct. 21, 2017

Kean Tv filmed Cougar Eats and KSMD News, two shows created by the TV Studio Production class run by professor Gina Gili, in the tv studio located in Hutchinson Hall Wednesday morning.

Cougar Eats is a talk show featuring information and opinions about the food that can be found on campus, while KSMD News is about events that take place here.

“Our main goal when shooting KSMD news is to simply recap things that have gone on at the university so that people see how fun they could be and gain interest in future events,” said Kristen Calderoni, member of KSMD News.

On days where filming takes place everyone in the class is assigned a role, even if they are not associated with the show filming. The roles that are filed on shooting day are: director, teleprompter, technical director, audio, video playback, floor manager, camera one, two and three, set director, lighting manager and the two talents on camera.

“When I have the role of director I have to give commands to everyone else through their headsets. The floor manager and the people manning the cameras look to me for which camera should be live, when we should go live and how each camera should be angled,” said Spencer Fox, director on Wednesday’s shoot of KSMD News.

There are four shows that are filmed in the TV Studio Production class: KSMD News, Cougar Eats, CineBlast and Lets Talk. CineBlast and Lets Talk filmed their first shows last week.

CineBlast was created to talk about recently released films and Lets talk is about music and their artists.

Clips and information about Kean TV can be found on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For students interested in this class, Tv Studio Production does not require any prerequisites and is a communications 3000 course.


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