Anime Society Club brings Kean students together

By Lena Zhu | Published Nov. 28, 2017

The Kean University Anime Society club gathered Monday, Nov. 6, to participate in and discuss local activities and future planning of TowerCon, Kean University’s form of an anime convention. The meeting was hosted by the club’s president, Amanda Miller, and advisor Craig Anderson to discuss current events and Japanese animation.

At this particular meeting, members watched the two hour science fiction/drama film called “Shin Godzilla.”

“Every meeting, there is someone presenting, whether that’d be game presentation, anime, or manga. We do not limit the presentations. It just has to be in the circle of Japanese culture,” said Miller.

Through having a commonality of loving and appreciating the Japanese culture and animation, the club is able to bring the community together.

“We want people to be more comfortable around us,” Miller said.

The club simply helps bring everyone who loves anime together in one place to discuss their passions for Japanese animation.

The discussion of TowerCon brings about excited whispers to the great amphitheater style room in the Center for Academic Success building.

Every week, a different presentation is shown. The first week of the semester, the presentation was the first episode of Assassination Classroom, an anime in which when a mysterious creature destroys half the moon to create a permanent crescent, the class of 3-E has to learn to defeat the creature who is responsible for destroying the moon. Their teacher? The exact alien creature who is responsible for destroying 70 percent of the moon.

Participating in events such as TowerCon, AnimeNext and watching presentations, helps Kean’s Anime Society with their goal of bringing those who have a passion for Japanese culture together a success. A bond is formed within the community of these local anime lovers.

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