Binge-worthy winter break shows approved by Kean students

“Binge racing” is the new thing. Courtesy of Netflix via YouTube

“Binge racing” is the new thing. Courtesy of Netflix via YouTube

By Jennifer Padilla | Published Jan. 29, 2018 

With fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures, students at Kean University look forward to binging on their favorite shows during the winter break.

“I like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures,” said Dylan McNulty, a senior biology major. “It’s very meme- like, has good art, and great action scenes.”

Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto and Marvel are among the programs that keep male students on the couch when they’re out of school— staying loyal to the shows they grew up with.

As if binge watching wasn’t enough, Netflix has called “binge racing” a habit. Marvel is at No. 3 of the fastest binge raced shows, as measured by Netflix.

“I’ve always liked Marvel since I was a kid,” said Frank Melendez, a junior biology major. “It’s what I grew up with.”

Cartoons like Rick and Morty and Big Mouth were popular among both male and female students. McNulty said cartoons detach him from reality, with its “surreal themes and stories.”

“Ed, Edd, and Eddie is my childhood,” said Darien Deerman, a junior communications major. “I watch Cartoon Network shows like Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab, and the Powerpuff Girls.”

Others enjoy binging on informational TV programs, such as Vice; and science fiction, such as The X-Files.

“I like Vice because it’s about what goes on in the world, and how people are affected by these things,” said Onell Martinez, a senior political science major. “The opening sequence of the show itself will intrigue you.”

The Netflix ‘binge scale’ Courtesy of

The Netflix ‘binge scale’ Courtesy of

Rida Hassan, a senior English major, said she binges on The X-Files because she enjoys conspiracies and perplexing matters.

Owen Igori, a senior business major, conventionally enjoys binging on Shark Tank.

“I can watch all four seasons of Orange is the New Black in two weeks,” said Kemi Alade, senior communications major; reflecting the No. 9 show on Netflix’s binge raced shows.

Maridellis Segarra, a junior graphic design major, said How I Met Your Mother is “Hilarious.”

Among her binge-worthy shows: Dexter, Supergirl, American Horror Story, Scandal, and Forensic Files.

“I like those shows because I’m weird… and still believe in fairy tales,” joked Segarra, ‘Once upon a Time’ makes me believe that someday I’m going to lose my shoe while I’m drunk and find the love of my life.”

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