Defining Rape Culture on modern college campuses

By Sonia Aquije The problematic fact of dealing with rape cases at universities is that most colleges aren’t prepared to handle them. The concept of accepting rape as a byproduct of alcohol and drugs is terrifying. Accepting rape culture normalizes male sexual violence and blames the victim. Sexual violence at universities is becoming increasingly familiar. From Colombia University, The University […]

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The Green Generation

People's Climate Speech photo 1

The People’s Climate March By Sonia Aquije Among all the societal trends, one of the most prominent is activism, but the exact form of it has evolved among those in Generation Y. Some of the forms of activism displayed range from demonstration to the most common, activism through social media. However, do they really care about issues or just think […]

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Welcome back to no parking spots

By Kristen DeMatos As a new school year begins, the talk on the Kean University campus is parking. This semester, more complaints are heard in the halls, from both students and faculty. “In my four years at Kean, I never have seen the parking this bad,” said Daniella DellaLuna, a senior special education major. Chris Capaldo, a junior, is dumbfounded […]

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Spotlight on genocide awareness

By Sonia Aquije   The Holocaust and Genocide Studies program has raised $2,026 so far to help finance Kean students who hope to work as unpaid interns at organizations fighting injustice such as slavery. The site notes that the cause couldn’t be more urgent as today it is estimated that some 20 million people live as slaves around the world. […]

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The Walking Dead: Returns for more tantalizing zombie mayhem

Michonne pic

By Sonia Aquije The mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” returned to AMC on Feb. 9 with the episode ‘Aftermath,’ that gave it’s audiences a glimpse of Michonne’s past and at Rick and Carl’s relationship. The mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” left its fans with anticipation with the Governors death. In “Aftermath” audiences were left without any knowledge of […]

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The art of minimal sleep in college


By: Sonia Aquije Sleep is sacred to college students. They often run on six hours or less of sleep; it’s sleep deprivation at its best. Scheduling, work and class take a heavy toll on college students, often leaving them at the mercy of their professors. The American College Health Association produced data that shows 40 percent of students feel rested […]

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Hookups: Desire at its finest

By: Sonia Aquije College students hook up all the time, but lines are blurred when dealing with the aftermath. No one is safe from some type of disillusionment. When all signs point toward commitment and sex happens before there is any certainty, you are left confused. Perhaps it’s morals or the uncertainty of life right now. Did he or she […]

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The “Hip” in being hipster: Kean’s hipster culture


By: Sonia Aquije   The Hipster scene has boomed from TV shows like “Girls” on HBO, “Portlandia,” and movies from “500 Days of Summer” to “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” They have catapulted the subculture into our mainstream world. People are asking themselves, what’s so cool about being hipster? Can I be a hipster? Hipsters are usually people in their […]

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The Walking Dead: More than just zombies

By Sonia Aquije “The Walking Dead” returned for Season 4 on AMC Oct. 13 with the highest viewership in the show’s history. According to a press release by AMC, it was viewed by 16.1 million viewers breaking its own record. The first two episodes of the season, “30 days without an accident” and “infected” showcased the psychological effects the survivors are dealing with […]

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