Mental health among college students

Counseling Center Resources Credit: Kiara Mays

By Kiara Mays | Published Sept. 27, 2017 With over 75 percent of mental health problems beginning before the age of 24, according to the National Alliance On Mental Illness, a conversation about the once taboo topic is being had across college campuses nationwide. A few of Kean University’s students and staff talk about the importance of mental health overall […]

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Kean Stage new show lineup

Poster for the show Foster Mom Credit: Kean Stage

By Jasmin Kee | Published Sept. 26, 2017 It’s that time of year again for Kean Stage to put on a new lineup of shows for the fall semester and first on the list is a play called “Foster Mom.” Written by Chris Cragin-Day and directed by Kel Haney, the show ran from Sept. 7-24 at the Zella Fry Theatre. […]

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No clowning around at Kean

Clowns are also viewed as a source of happiness to some  Credit: Flickr

By Craig Epstein | Published Sept. 13, 2017   With the remake of “IT” floating to a theatre near you, we are once again approached with a topic that has become quite popular. That is, whether or not clowns are considered to be funny or scary. Whether it’s Bozo, the Joker, or even Pennywise, clowns can represent a bunch of […]

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Embracing art with a selfie

Embracing art to the fullest at the Karl & Helen Burger Gallery, One of Kean’s galleries. Credit: Gail Fredricks

By Gail Fredricks | Published May 8, 2017 Kean University galleries invited the campus community to submit a ‘Kean Art Selfie’ – with a picture with any of the artwork around campus. The university has five galleries to choose from; but community members were encouraged to take a picture with an outdoor sculpture or a painting found in any office […]

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Artist Nancy Staub Laughlin displayed a new form of artwork

Laughlin’s artwork displayed a new form of art. Credit: Monica Sudfield

By Monica Sudfield | Published May 8, 2017 Nancy Staub Laughlin, established pastel and photography artist, has reunited with Kean by arranging some of her latest pieces in the Nancy Dryfoos Gallery. Seven years prior, Laughlin’s work was featured in Kean’s “New Jersey Masters 2010” exhibition, according to Kean Galleries website. Impressed by the 2010 exhibition, Laughlin was eager to […]

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Millennials speak up after Pepsi commercial

Kendall Jenner starred in the conversational Pepsi commercial.
Photo: Twitter.

By Kiara Mays| Published May 6, 2017 Today, Millennials (born 1980-2000) make up the largest, most diverse living generation in the United States, that’s roughly 80 million people. With that many people comes the challenge of understanding how and why this group of individuals think the way they think and care about the things they care about. A few of […]

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