It’s your choice to watch Frontline: The Choice 2012

By Brian Konchalski It’s October during a leap year, and we all know what that means, another presidential campaign season is upon us. While this election season has taken a somewhat nasty turn with attack advertisements on each candidate, a never endings 24/7 new cycle, telling half truths, and one candidate sarcastically saying that Big Bird, from Sesame Street, is the reason why […]

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A look into cinema, past, present, and future

By Bryan C. Kuriawa   Resident Evil: Afterlife: 4/10. Three years after Extinction, the Resident Evil video game franchise once more translates onto the big screen, and with the return of series director, Paul Anderson. Alice (Milla Jovovich) finds herself confronting the overly powerful Umbrella Cooperation and trapped with a group of survivors in zombie-populated Los Angeles. Their only link to […]

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The Frank, the G.O.O.D. and the Ugly

By Darian Maduruh   Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”: The man formerly known as Christopher Breux has had a long journey towards making this album, which happens to be his first studio-based one. First, he moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans, working as a songwriter with artists such as Justin Bieber. Eventually joining the Hip Hop Group known as Odd Future, […]

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