Thanksgiving spirit comes to Kean


By Dominique Vinas   Family, friends and education are all essential to a fun healthy life and the students and professors here at Kean are so thankful to be fortunate enough to have these necessities. October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Center for Leadership and Service at Kean organized events and fundraisers for Kean alumni to donate, while […]

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“Red” by Taylor Swift

By Darian Maduruh   Now, as a twenty-something African American dude from urban New Jersey, I’m sure I’m not the target demographic for Taylor Swift’s music. I mean, let’s be honest: the 22-year-old multi-Grammy winner (including an “Album of the Year” win in 2010 for her second album, “Fearless”) mainly appeals to teenage girls or women who still act like […]

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Halo 4 in stores November 6

By Raymond Gurbisz   November 6 cannot come soon enough for many Kean gamers as it is finally time for 343 Industries to unveil their long-awaited Halo 4 project. The much-anticipated Halo game has been getting massive amounts of hype since its announcement at E3 back in 2011 where the first trailer of Halo 4 became public. Since then, more and more news has […]

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The best video games to play on Halloween

By Nick Mojica   With Halloween just around the corner, many students will be curled up watching scary movies by themselves or with friends. While watching marathons of the legendary Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises are an excellent way to spend your Halloween, I am here to give you another great option of things to do. There are plenty of video games out there […]

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Dressin’ for your profession

By Iman-Jazelle Bond   As we get older our style changes. Becoming young adults, we start to dress the way we want to, in a style that defines us. But do we dress well enough to prepare ourselves for our careers? Most Kean students do not really see a need to change. Eileen McGrath, a senior Education major, says that […]

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