How exercise can ease the stress of college

By Josh Palgi | Published Jan. 29, 2018 College is called the best four years of your life. Exercise could make the college experience less stressful and more enjoyable with endless short and long term benefits. So, what percent of college students exercise regularly? Only 50.4 percent of males and 39.9 percent of female students met these recommendations. Is it […]

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Immigrants, crime and DACA: A perspective

Dr. Connie Hassett-Walker, Kean criminal justice professor Credit: Facebook

By Dr. Connie Hassett-Walker | Published Sept. 29, 2017 In a Feb. 2017 speech to Congress, President Trump announced a new office – Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) – that, according to its website, would be focused on helping “immigration crime victims”. The President was elected on what some felt was an anti-immigrant platform — characterizing immigrants from Mexico […]

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The skills are many, the words are few – Thank You

Departing editor-in-chief receives the Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities award.
Photo Courtesy of Rose Marie Kitchen.

By Rose Marie Kitchen| Published May 6, 2017 The skills are many, but the words are few … “thank you” for a semester that I will never forget. As I sit here and edit this last print edition for this spring 2016-2017 semester, it makes me realize two things. One, graduation is less than weeks away and two, that means […]

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Goodbye from The Tower’s Editor-in-Chief

By Bryan C. Kuriawa Well, after nearly four years of wandering in and out of room 413, I’m graduating from Kean University. Despite the many ups and downs, I can say it was fun and enjoyable working on this publication, day in and day out. When I first came here in November 2011, it was to be an Arts and […]

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More tables, less world-class education

Credit: Kean University

By Bryan C. Kuriawa and Christine Moukazis It is sometimes believed that universities, public or private, try to act in the best interest of their students. We are told that students and faculty are the heart of a university. In that sense, it is thought that they would do their best in trying to allocate their resources to give us […]

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Saying goodbye: Our final thanks

By Dan Canova As I’m sitting home on my couch and writing this final piece for “The Tower” here at Kean University, I can’t help but think about how fast my four years in college have gone.  It’s a blur. I began as an Athletic Training Major, switched over to Physical Education, and finally discovered myself becoming a Communication/Journalism Major […]

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Stronger Than The Storm

By: Brian Konchalski In the last five years, Kean University has seen a number of things change and yet a lot has stayed the same. The university has had championship sports teams like our Men’s Volleyball team that won its conference last year, widely recognized academic programs such as our sustainability and teaching programs and a groundbreaking ceremony for a […]

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On leaving Kean: An editor’s goodbye

By Daniel Reyes   It’s time for me to say goodbye. After four-and-a-half years, numerous major changes and countless questionable collegiate decisions it’s time for me to walk away from this campus, this school and this paper. It’s fitting that I’m writing this, my last note, so close to Thanksgiving, because believe it or not, this school has given me […]

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