Paradise is not always bliss

By Christine Moukazis This past summer I went to vacation in Samos, a Greek island that is home to my family and also the birthplace of Pythagoras, the philosopher and mathematician whose theorem was burned into all of our brains in high school. In addition to Pythagoras, when you think of Greece, you think of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, all […]

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$41K should be a milestone, not a calling

By Mike Jago Journalism students are constantly told that in order to be successful, you need to start at the bottom. Journalists coming straight from college aren’t going to be writing for The New York Times, The Washington Post, or any of the big name papers. While there is money to be made in the field, recent graduates may not […]

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On leaving Kean: An editor’s goodbye

By Daniel Reyes   It’s time for me to say goodbye. After four-and-a-half years, numerous major changes and countless questionable collegiate decisions it’s time for me to walk away from this campus, this school and this paper. It’s fitting that I’m writing this, my last note, so close to Thanksgiving, because believe it or not, this school has given me […]

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In crisis trust your gut, not Kean

Snow steadily falls on Kean’s campus.
Photo Credit: Eric Haftel

By Eric Haftel Once again Kean has shown that when there is a crisis, school officials are inept at handling the situation appropriately. The first example was during the aftermath of Sandy, and then the administration’s silence while snow fell during the Nor’easter on Wednesday Nov. 7, which caused slippery roads, downed trees and telephone poles. Let’s start at the […]

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Global health

By Dr. Josh Palgi   Global Health has been defined as the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equality in health for all people worldwide. So, global health is about worldwide improvement of health, reduction of disparities and protection against global threats that disregard national borders. The major international agency for health is the […]

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Should I take dietary supplements?

By Dr. Josh Palgi   A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement or enhance the diet. Supplements help ensure that you get adequate amounts of essential nutrients or help promote optimal health and performance if you do not consume a variety of food, as recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. More than […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

By Daniel Reyes   No it’s not just you. The Tower isn’t the same newspaper it was last semester. Everything needs a little sprucing up from time to time, and I suppose college newspapers are no different. When I was made Editor-in-Chief this semester, I didn’t want to just hold the lines of college media. I didn’t want to finish […]

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