Occupational therapy clinic set to open in January 2014

By Xirena Wormley The Department of Occupational Therapy at Kean University is about to get a new addition to its program by way of a therapy clinic set to open in January. The clinic is one of Kean’s several projects that have been approved and funded through the state’s Building Our Future Bond Act, which was passed November last year. Students and […]

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KFT charges enrollment standards lower

By Alexandria Addesso The Kean University Federation of Teachers charged at its Sept. 9 Welcome Back meeting that the college lowered its standards for accepting new students this year because of declining enrollment. James Castiglione, president of the KFT, which represents full-time faculty and professional staff at the college, charged during his address to members that due to low enrollment this year, […]

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Kean student bids farewell to dorms

By Dominique Vinas It’s every college student’s dream to live on campus and to have the full college experience that they see in movies. It’s fun at first but then, just like all other good things in life, it gets old. Marcia Calle, junior, argues that although she did enjoy living on campus in the residence halls, this year it […]

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Course cancellation frustrates Kean senior

By Chris Lamonica & Gerald Lima with Keanu Austin Devon Sepe was excited to start her senior year at Kean University this semester—that is until she got an email a week before classes notifying her that a key course she needed to graduate in May was cancelled. Sepe received an email on Aug. 28 with news that still has her […]

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Class dismissed? More like class is cancelled!

By Christine Moukazis Class cancellations, an ongoing issue since last spring semester, are still afflicting both students and faculty at Kean University. This semester, a bevy of classes, including courses required for graduation, were cancelled, sending students scrambling to fill their diminished schedules with other courses. Some of the cancellations are a result of several courses not being made available […]

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Freshmen Confidently Choose Kean Despite University’s Past Issues

Freshman game room picture

By Sonia Aquije Kean University has dealt with its share of bad publicity, but that has not deterred some students from applying. Some of this semester’s freshmen have confidently chosen to attend Kean despite last year’s accreditation issue,  which the university was nearly discredited by the Middle States accreditation agency. “I was aware [of the accreditation issue], but it didn’t […]

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The struggle of Kean students

By Gillian Findley Loans, tuition, insurance, car payments, bills, food, gas, bus and train money; where is there an end for college students? The expression “I’m not made out of money” rolls off of college student’s tongues as often as modest “hello” and “how are you?” greetings. It doesn’t matter how hold you are or how much you make, the cost of […]

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Gas leak at Green Lane building causes personnel evacuation

By Sonia Aquije and Keanu Austin A gas leak at the construction site of Kean University’s Green Lane building at the corner of North Avenue and Morris Avenue resulted in an evacuation of construction workers on Sept. 18. “A two-inch gas line was ruptured during construction,” said Captain McClung, the acting battalion chief of Union’s fire department. The subsequent gas leak caused […]

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“The Beautiful Dark” awes crowds at Kean

The Beautiful Dark - Premiere Stages, Kean University

By Jasmine Leach Kean’s Premiere Stages “The Beautiful Dark”, leaves its audience members in shock, suspense, emotionally confused, sympathetic, stirring up controversy, and desperately craving for an encore. On Sept. 3 Kean University brought its students and community a performance that encouraged people to open their minds to important social issues, such as suicide, physical, and alcohol/ drug abuse. As well as mental illnesses, […]

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Kean launches its’ own mobile app

moblie app

By Gerald Lima How much does a Kean University student know about his or her school? Did you know Kean University has a mobile application for students? It’s true. Kean University is the first in New Jersey to launch the mobile application, according to the media and publications of Kean University. The application is just like being on the website it has […]

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